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Our products

Below you can find a partial list of our articles.

  1. Bullet traps
  2. Shooting ranges
  3. Armoured turrets
  4. Security control towers
  5. Armoured cabins including the ones with climate control systems
  6. Armourd doors, gates
  7. Armourd strong rooms including the ones with window trays
  8. Armourd plates for bulletproof vests
  9. Armourd structures according to the customers’ drawings – checkpoints, office premises, weapon storage rooms, etc.
  10. Elaboration and manufacturing of custom-made articles based on the customers’ requirement specifications (bulletproof ventilation systems, armoured bus stops, etc)
  11. Armouredcarsandminibuses.
  12. Target cards – gongs and poppers


Please view some pictures of our articles.