• Supplies of Bulletproof Steel Bulletproof and Blastproof Metal Structures

Omega Spetsstal is an exclusive distributor and Moscow representative office of St-Petersburg steelworks Armo-Avto, which manufactures bulletproof steel plates and sheets. Our armor is bulletproof certified in Russia and Germany. Bulletproof performance of our steel plates and sheets is verified by the German National Office of Weights and Measures, Ballistics agency (VPAM 2007, Fassung 2) (Beschussamt Mellrichstadt (Mellrichstadt Ballistics Agency), Germany).We also produce a wide range of bulletproof and blastproof metal structures and items of ballistic protection. All the articles are certified according to the GOST standard of Russia. Please view our articles in Our Products.

Armo Group has been manufacturing armored steel sheets and plates at their own facilities in Leningrad Region for over 15 years. The products of the “Armo” company, among others, are supplied to the mission essential facilities of the Federal State Power Structures (subdivisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation). You can go to the web-site of the steelworks and find all contact details in Contacts.